Can You Pressure Wash Solar Panels?

Can You Pressure Wash Solar Panels

For supplying household energy demands, solar panels are becoming more and more common. They produce a current that is transformed into useful power by absorbing solar energy. Solar panels are less cost-effective if they are dirty, since the energy generated depends on the sunlight’s exposure. In rainy places, the cleaning …


4 Best Homemade Pressure Washer Soap

Why Should You Make Your Homemade Pressure Washer Soap

A pressure washer is a very efficient tool for cleaning floors, vehicles, and other exterior surfaces. But they are not inexpensive. However, in the long term, they are a fantastic investment. They work pretty well on their own, but with a pressure washer detergent soap, they perform much better.  Making …


How To Dilute Dawn For Pressure Washer?

Why Do You Need Soap In A Pressure Wash

Pressure washers are the ideal option for cleaning concrete, siding, decks, and driveways. However, certain particularly persistent stains that have been present for a while may be challenging to get rid of with just plain water. Soap is one option for the best cleaning results. May dish soap is used …


How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway?

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Driveway

You might want to thoroughly clean your driveway if it is coated in moss, weeds, and dirt. The ideal and most efficient approach to cleaning your driveway is pressure washing. And you should do that sometimes, because moss and dirt may quickly accumulate on your driveway. In consideration of this, …


Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain

You may plan to do some pressure washing before the rain and wonder, “Can you pressure wash in the rain?” You may even consider calling it off. But unlike many other appointments, you might not need to reschedule a power washing service if it rains. With that stated, the answer …


Pressure Washer Pump Oil Milky: Causes and Solution

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Milky Causes and Solution

The weather has finally improved, and you want to clean your driveway or vehicle. Your pressure washer, on the other hand, does not appear to be in a good condition.  You notice the pressure washer pump oil milky, but don’t know why. If you’re unfamiliar with mechanical components and aren’t …


Can You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer?

What is soft washing

You’ve just received your brand-new pressure washer, and you’re looking for your first victim. You’ve bought a new power washer, and it’s time to crank up the PSI to the maximum so you can get rid of all that filth, right? Not really, because pressure washing isn’t always the best …


Best Pressure Washer For Boats

How To Choose The Best Pressure Washer For Boats

Boating is a lot of fun, especially when the weather is nice and warm. Of course, you’ll want to keep it clean and well-maintained so that you may continue to enjoy its benefits. The most efficient technique to remove algae growth, filth, dirt, and debris from your boat is to …


Soft Wash Vs. Pressure Wash: The Ultimate Guideline

Soft Wash Vs Pressure Wash

When it comes to restoring the brilliance of your property, the benefits of soft wash vs. pressure wash should be carefully considered. You’re undoubtedly aware that maintaining your home in good shape necessitates frequent cleaning. The worst stains and filth, on the other hand, may necessitate the use of specialized …


Common Reasons Why Your Pressure Washer Won’t Start

Common Reasons Why Your Pressure Washer Won't Start

It’s now time to give your yard a good pressure wash. So you get your pressure washer ready for the winter. But, oh, man! The pressure washer won’t start. The thrill has given way to irritation. Your guests are coming to see you tomorrow. You’re perplexed as to why your …