US States Where Gutters Matter Most

If you want to maintain a healthy and reliable home, gutter installation and maintenance are non-negotiable.

Gutters do two things well, first, by protecting your home from water damage, and second, by playing a role in preserving your home’s value.

Proper installation and gutter maintenance protect homes from water damage, helps prevent foundation problems, keeps basements and crawl spaces dry, and safeguards against soil erosion.

While some people may view gutters as an unnecessary expense, the truth is that they’re valuable ways to protect your home and the health of your occupants.

Although not legally imposed by most states (always check your local building codes), gutters are commonly suggested or at least a norm among residents in the following parts of the US:

Maryland & Delaware

If you’ve ever been to Maryland or Delaware, it’s not surprising to learn that the amount of rainfall these states get is no joke.

The average rainfall in Maryland is 59 inches, while Delaware’s is 45.9 inches. That’s nearly four feet of rainwater per year!

If you live in either state, gutters are a must unless you want water damaging your home’s foundation, rotting your woodwork, or causing other serious problems.

Arizona & Nevada

Desert rainfall isn’t an oxymoron—the Southwest knows a thing or two about rain damaging homes without gutters.

The Grand Canyon State sees an average annual rainfall of 9.2 inches, while Nevada’s is 5 inches.

While the amount of rain may not seem like much, it’s still enough to cause problems for your home if you don’t have gutters to direct the water away from your property.

Because of the unique appearance and materials used in many Southwestern-style homes, rainwater damage can be especially noticeable and challenging (and expensive) to repair.

Oregon & Washington

The Pacific Northwest is one of the wettest regions in the US, with Oregon seeing an average annual rainfall of 41 inches and Washington a bit less at 37 inches.

However, rainfall statistics cover popular cities like Seattle, so it’s not uncommon for different areas throughout these states to experience 90 inches or more per year.

When you have that much water falling on lumber-based homes, it’s vital to have gutters in place to prevent wood rot, water damage, and other serious problems.

Homeowners in these states also understand the importance of regular gutter maintenance to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up their gutters and causing problems.

Connecticut & Rhode Island

Although the Northeast doesn’t get as much rain as some other parts of the country, the region still experiences its fair share of wet weather.

While there aren’t any state-imposed laws here, most Connecticut and Rhode Island homeowners have gutters on their homes to protect against water damage.

Connecticut residents experience an average of 50 inches of rainfall per year, while those in Rhode Island enjoy a little less—nearly 47 in.

With the threat of flooding and water damage ever present, it’s no wonder why so many people in this region have gutters installed to protect their homes.

New York & New Jersey

Like much of the Northeast, New York, and New Jersey get a good amount of rain each year. While no state law requires gutters, many homeowners choose to have them installed to protect their property.

The Empire State experiences an average of 40 inches of rainfall annually, while New Jersey gets slightly more at 47.6 in.

With heavy rains and snowfalls common in this region, gutters are a great way to keep water away from your home’s foundation and prevent severe damage.

While the government may not legally require gutters in these states, they’re a good idea for homeowners aiming to protect their homes from water damage.

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