What Are The Dangers Of Pressure Washing The Windows?

Double pane glass windows are the most commonly used windows in residential and commercial settings. They offer perfection in form and function. With an inert gas seal between the glass panes, double-pane windows ensure proper thermal insulation. The double pane insulated windows sometimes lose their gas seal when air and moisture seep into the space between the glass panes. A desiccant is used to avoid moisture buildup but with time, it becomes saturated and allows condensation to form on the interior surface of the glass which fogs the window. In this case, pressure washing the double pane glass windows is used as a way to get rid of the condensation. But this practice is known to be harmful to the windows. A number of drawbacks of pressure washing have been reported. We will address the issues related to pressure washing the double pane glass windows in this blog.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Let’s understand the concept of pressure washing first.

Pressure washing, often known as power washing, is the process of cleaning surfaces and objects by spraying high-pressure water over them. By adjusting the unloader valve, the pressure of the water can be changed according to the surface you are cleaning. Most pressure washers fire water at pressures starting at 1500 psi and they can go up to 3300 psi which is a very high value. This pressure is high enough to damage the surface it is directed at. Pressure washing is beneficial in some cases but it can also cause irreparable damage in some instances.

Is Pressure Washing Harmful For Windows?

Is Pressure Washing Harmful For Windows

Although pressure washing is an easy way of cleaning the windows. However, it is only a safe technique if it is done by professionals. They take extra precautions and follow set standards to execute pressure washing. The experts take care of the window frames, weatherstripping, and caulking around the frames. Sometimes the screens from the windows are also removed before pressure washing so that the glass can be cleaned easily.

However, pressure washing poses a huge risk if an inexperienced person takes on the endeavor. High-pressure water jets have the potential to break off the framing material, shatter the window glass, and even damage the house exterior. Moreover, the chemicals used in pressure washing make it an unsafe method as well. So, it is best not to take on the pressure washing venture when you can achieve great results by wiping the windows clean with a soft cloth.

Here are some things that can go wrong in pressure washing.

  1. Water can enter your house’s interior. 

The water pressure used in a pressure washer is very high. When directed at the windows, the water can easily find its way into the house interior. Due to the pressure, the water can get through window and door seals. The hardwood flooring, carpets, and furniture can get wet due to this.

  1. The wall can get wet. 

If water is directed to the walls near the windows, water can enter the walls. The pressure washers spray water at a high pressure of 1500 psi to 3300 psi. This pressure value is high enough to pierce through the concrete, asphalt, and even solid wood layer. Water can seep through the wall cavities, flooring, wiring, insulation, and plaster which could lead to long-term issues.

  1. Window sidings can get damaged. 

The window sidings are not entirely watertight. The window sidings do not hold up very well When pressure washed improperly.  They can get damaged or blown off completely which would lead to a necessity for extensive repairs.

  1. Window glass can shatter. 

Window glass cannot withstand high pressure. The glass can get cracked on direct exposure to water pressure. It could even shatter in some cases.

  1. It could affect the paint.

Water blasts can score off the layer of paint from the window frame or the nearby walls. The paint chips will flow out with the water and combine with the soil which would impact the effectiveness of the soil.

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Windows?

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Windows

With technological advancement, different gadgets have taken over daily tasks. Cleaning is one of them. Cleaning robots and vacuums are surely great at their job. But there are some things that still require old-school treatment. Double glazed glass windows are one such feature. Pressure washing is an advanced cleaning technique. But it is not a practical way of cleaning the windows. The ideal way of cleaning glass windows is still the standard soap water and cloth technique. Just take a soft cloth and wipe the windows with soap and water to clean the windows. If you want to rinse off the soap solution, use a standard garden hose. Don’t apply pressure, just wipe off the soap solution and there you go. You can also use vinegar and water solution and other DIY cleaners for getting the best results. The key is to stick to simple cleaning techniques.

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