Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

You may plan to do some pressure washing before the rain and wonder, “Can you pressure wash in the rain?” You may even consider calling it off. But unlike many other appointments, you might not need to reschedule a power washing service if it rains.

With that stated, the answer is yes; many of us like working in the rain, in addition to the fact that most pressure washing contractors do so. However, in no way should you, a homeowner with no prior expertise with pressure washing, ever use a pressure washer in the rain or in any extreme weather. 

Can You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

If the weather outdoors is unsafe, we’ll typically suggest postponing. But given the forecast’s light rain and/or occasional showers, most professional cleaners can absolutely go on. I recommend that you consult with your pressure washing agency before making the decision.

The pressure washing process certainly does not require great weather for a few days in a row to refinish your deck or reseal your driveway. Some seasoned power washers even enjoy working in the rain. It can help cleaning products work a little bit better and make problem areas more evident.

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing In The Rain?


What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Washing In The Rain

On a 90-degree day, visualize dumping a pail of water on your driveway. The splash is likely to evaporate shortly due to the sun. It won’t be long before the water is gone. The water still dries out on days when the sun is covered by clouds, but considerably more slowly.

When it comes to power washing, the same thing happens. Our detergent and water mixture dry faster in the sun. Although the professionals are qualified to work in any environment, including one with a blazing sun, a cloudy day is best for power cleaning. The extended drying time prevents soap rings, which on a sunny day would call for further rinsing.


Have you ever been driving when the sun was shining through your window perfectly? It may make sight all but impossible. When pressure washing on a sunny day, the same thing may occur. Because there is more visibility on cloudy or rainy days, many likes to work on them. The sun won’t shine directly into their eyes, and there are fewer shadows on your home these days.

What Are The Risks Of Pressure Washing In The Rain?

What Are The Risks Of Pressure Washing In The Rain

All household pressure washers are capable of handling a small amount of water splashing. After all, it’s absolutely tough to avoid such powerful jets splashing back. However, a pressure washer shouldn’t be left in contact with a lot of water for an extended length of time.

Pressure washers are effective, powerful instruments for demanding outdoor cleaning tasks, but they are also brittle. They must be properly maintained if you want them to last, just like any other power tool. 

Rain may assist in removing dirt and debris and preparing your surface for a thorough power cleaning, so pressure washing in the rain may also sound enticing. But this truly isn’t secure: the pressure washer can break down if water gets inside of it.

You might be wondering if pressure washers can get wet if you unintentionally left yours out overnight in the rain. There is a slight chance of electrocution if the pressure washer is electric-powered.

When Can’t You Pressure Wash In The Rain?

When Can’t You Pressure Wash In The Rain

You’ve discovered that, in most cases, it’s okay to operate your pressure washer in the rain. Great! However, you should still practice with caution and refrain from using your pressure washer in hazardous conditions. For instance, the pool surface may be too slick for you to pressure wash properly if you are doing it while it is raining.

The following weather conditions make pressure washing dangerous:

  • Lightning: It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be outside in the lightning.
  • High wind: Strong winds can be problematic while using a pressure washer since they could cause the wand or your arm to be blown in an unexpected direction. Keep in mind that a pressure washer has the ability to cause significant harm if it accidentally sprays anything it shouldn’t, like your own feet. It is recommended to stay inside if there are any unexpected or powerful wind gusts predicted.
  • Hail: Hail may be harmful to your pressure washer as well as you. The pressure washer might be hit by even a little hail, which causes damage.
  • Snow: Because ice can damage pressure washer internal components, they shouldn’t be used in cold temperatures. Prior to winter, you should winterize your pressure washer and keep it somewhere dry.
  • Extreme heat: You might not be able to operate in such heat, but a pressure washer can. If you’re trying to complete a job in extremely hot weather, be careful to keep an eye out for signs of heat sickness.

What Are Some Tips For Pressure Washing In The Rain?

What Are Some Tips For Pressure Washing In The Rain

If you do decide to use a pressure washer in the rain, the following information will help:

  • Before using a product in the rain, make sure you have read the user guide and any safety instructions.
  • Recognize the distinction between waterproof ratings for water splashes and submersion. Remember that the use of pressure washers underwater is never safe.
  • Make sure there isn’t any rain in the forecast before using your pressure washer.
  • Recognize that letting water into your pressure washer can reduce its lifespan.
  • Keep your pressure washer covered.
  • Avoid exposing your pressure washer to intense rain.

Check out this video for more tips:


The answer you were searching for to the question, “Can you pressure wash in the rain?” is yes. You can pressure wash in the rain. It depends, though, as there are other factors to take into account. It all comes down to how much or how little rain is falling, and if there is lightning and thunder. It’s better to be safe than sorry, you should be extra careful!

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