How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer in the Right Way

Have you ever glanced at your rug and been compelled to toss it because it appears to be old and dirty? Rugs tend to fade in color over time, although this isn’t always due to the rug itself. Instead, it appears ancient and crinkly because so much dirt has gathered inside of it.

You can’t wipe it off with an ordinary brush; no matter how hard you try, it always comes back looking old and unclean. You’ve used a pressure washer to clean your furniture, car, and driveway, but can it also be used to clean your carpet? 

Well, perhaps, this post can help you know how to clean an area rug with pressure washer.

Using a power washer can make cleaning rugs an easy chore to do

Can You Pressure Washer Clean A Rug?

Yes, as long as the material is synthetic, such as polyester, in most situations. However, because some rugs are incredibly fragile, they will not hold up well to a power washer.

You should avoid using a power washer to clean the following rugs.

  • Oriental Rug: Oriental carpets feature fine fibers that a power washer might damage. While you may vacuum them to remove surface dirt and debris, you should hire a professional if you want a complete cleaning.
  • Natural Fibers: Excessive moisture makes these fibers brittle. The threads will be damaged if you pressure wash them.
  • Wool: Can you pressure wash a wool rug? Wool rugs are sensitive as well. Please refer to the tag or owner’s handbook for cleaning directions. A safe alternative is steam cleaning, which may be done at home or by a professional.

A polyester rug is the most fantastic choice for pressure cleaning. Because polyester is essentially plastic, it should be able to withstand pressure washing.

Don’t risk it if you’re unsure if the rug will hold up to a pressure cleaning. Instead, contact an expert.

What Do You Need For Washing The Rug with this Pressure machine?

If you think the only item you’ll need to pressure wash your rug is the pressure washer, you’re partially correct. You’ll need the following goods and equipment in total:

  • An electric pressure washer with a low PSI.
  • A pressure washer nozzle in black and a pressure washer nozzle in green
  • A broom with stiff bristles or a pressure washer brush
  • Ample space for cleaning
  • An excellent carpet cleaning solution

Once you have all the essential tools, you may use a pressure washer to clean your rug. Keep in mind that the first step is to make sure the unit is operating correctly, following which you may thoroughly clean the carpet.

How To Prepare For The Pressure Washer Cleans Carpet

This cleaning method may be quite successful, but it is essential to use caution when cleaning your rug or carpet. Before you start pressure cleaning your rug, keep the following recommendations in mind.

  • Location

How To Prepare For The Pressure Wash Carpet

You’ll need to clean your rug in an area with enough room that can become soapy and wet without exposing the rug to dirt, muck, or dust. Because utilizing a pressure washer indoors isn’t the best idea, any clean place outdoors will do. The most suggested location is a concrete patio, but it would be excellent if you have a wooden deck.

  • Pressure Washer

high pressure washer cleaning carpet gun

You may use any pressure washer you choose, but if it doesn’t have a method to regulate the amount of pressure, start approximately 18 inches away from your rug’s surface. 

If your pressure washer has an adjustable feature, begin with the lowest setting. Then gradually raise the pressure and distance until you’ve found a comfortable setting that works. Applying just enough pressure to push water down into the fibers and dissolve the dirt is the goal. Again, we’re not attempting to separate the threads.

  • Detergents

Pressure Washer Detergents

Check the sort of fabric your rug is made of and make sure the detergent you’re using is safe for it. Then, apply a tiny amount of a gel stain remover or carpet cleaner to the stained areas using a soft bristle or cotton brush.

  • Carpet/ Area Rug

You may start preparing your rug for cleaning on a good day with some sun in the forecast. Vacuuming your rug before removing it from your home is a brilliant idea. Getting rid of any loose dirt means you’ll be spraying out a bit less.

How to properly vacuum every type of rug

It’s time to do a thorough inspection for stains. On the affected area, use a mild gel stain remover. Use a tiny quantity since you don’t want the color of your rug to degrade.

Brushing also helps to dilute the stain remover, which helps to prevent the yellowing of your rug. So, by this point, you’ve brushed all of the rug’s damaged regions. 

Pour in a mild liquid detergent that you usually use to wash your clothes. It is preferable to use a detergent that has antibacterial properties. Place the rug inside for 5-10 minutes.

How To Clean An Area Rug With Pressure Washer

Cleaning Area Rug with Pressure Washer

Hold the pressure washer’s wand about 0.3 meters away from the rug’s surface. If the wand is placed too close to the rug, the rug may be damaged or blown away. Pull the pressure washer button and begin thoroughly cleaning your rug. Pass the pressure washer’s wand over the rug’s surface, ensuring that all regions are covered, particularly those with noticeable stains.


Rinse the area rug 2 to 3 times with water to ensure no soap remains in the fibers.


After you’ve double-checked that the rug has been thoroughly cleaned, choose an appropriate location to store it while it dries. The location you select should be clean and dirt-free. Furthermore, it must be large enough to fit the whole rug. Finally, make sure the location you select is light and airy so the rug can dry fast.

Check out this video if you want to watch the process directly:


How to clean an area rug with a pressure washer is not as challenging as you would think. That’s one of the advantage of a pressure washer. If done correctly, an old and unsightly rug may be transformed into something fresh and lovely in no time. 

By carefully following the procedures, you may make the process more comfortable and avoid the need for a specialist. All you’ll need is a driveway, a few cleaning supplies, and, of course, your pressure washer, as well as a place to dry the rug.

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