Can You Use Air Hose For Pressure Washer?

Have you ever considered using the pressured air from your air compressor system to create a pressure washer? I can tell you that you are not alone in your curiosity!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your current air compressor with your need for a pressure washer in your garage or workshop? Can you use air hose for pressure washer? While most people use garden hoses for pressure washers, and air hoses can also be used in this situation. They have a longer lifespan than garden hoses, exceptionally when adequately maintained. 

To use an air hose reel for a pressure washer requires a few straightforward steps, and this post will help you use air compressor pressure washer attachment successfully!

What Are The Differences Between Air Compressor And A Pressure Washer?

In some respects, air compressors and pressure washers are similar. A pressure-generating operating mechanism is a way to power both items. The significant distinction between an air compressor and a pressure washer is how both types of equipment manage their output pressure.

Can You Use Air Hose For Pressure Washer

The air compressor is controlled by a system that compresses air and delivers the compressed air at a specified output capacity. Some air compressors, for example, feature an air pump that can provide up to 200 PSI of output air pressure; other types may have lower output capabilities.

On the other hand, the pressure washer generates an output pressure that pushes the water out of nozzles in a spray cannon at high pressure.

The pressure washer primarily uses high-pressure water, whereas the air compressor uses high-pressure compressed air.

What Are The Differences Between Air Compressor And A Pressure Washer

There have been several experiments regarding the use of an air compressor as a pressure washer. People are attempting to discover a method to have one piece of equipment that can accomplish both duties. Therefore, it makes sense to conserve space in the garage by using an air compressor that can also be used as a pressure washer.

Can a pressure washer be used as an air compressor? No, a pressure washer cannot accomplish the tasks of an air compressor, in my opinion. But, on the other hand, you can probably use air compressor as pressure washer.

Although you won’t generate the same level of pressure as a pressure washer, you will be able to perform maintenance pressure cleaning. You’ll need a pressure washer attachment attached to your air compressor’s airline and a garden hose to accomplish so. This act will allow you to boost the pressure of your garden hose without having to purchase a separate pressure washer.

Can You Use Air Hose For Pressure Washer?

You can create your pressure washer out of the air hose to wash your house quickly and easily. You can get the job done even if it is not as strong as a pressure washer.

Yes, it can. Using a pressure washer attachment, connect a garden hose to the air hose of an air compressor. It will operate similarly to a pressure washer, yet you must construct it properly.

You can effortlessly clean your belongings without having to do a great deal of work. Let’s have a look at how to use air hose for pressure washer.

Things You Need To Use Air Hose For Pressure Washer 

Firstly, you’ll need an air compressor machine delivering 40 to 50 PSI air pressure efficiently. Next, you’ll need a spray gun with two inlet capacities, a garden hose that you can attach to the spray gun, and a faucet in your garden so you don’t have to obtain water from the house (this option may be insufficient).

How To Use Air Hose For Pressure Washer

Step 1: Turn on the air compressor and let it warm up. The current PSI level may be found on the air compressor’s gauge. The compressor must operate at a pressure of at least 30 PSI.

Step 2:  Attach one end of a garden hose to a faucet outside your home or garage.

Step 3: Attach the other end of the garden hose to the pressure washer attachment’s water line connection. The threaded connector on the gun connects to the waterline.

Step 4: Connect the air compressor’s air hose to the airline connection. Push the connection on the air hose’s end onto the attachment’s point until you hear a popping sound.

Step 5: Allow water to run through the garden hose by turning on the faucet.

Step 6: Point the pressure washer attachment at the area you want to spray, such as the floor, and pull the trigger.

Check out this video if you still want to watch the whole process:


Can you use air hose for pressure washer? Trying an air hose for a pressure washer will save you money and effort to clean. However, you must face the possibility that you will not feel as easy as you did when using the pressure washer. When using an air compressor to work, you must be highly cautious since it can cause serious injury.

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