Can An Air Compressor Become A Pressure Washer?

There are a number of cleaning demands throughout the house, and you’ll need a range of cleaning solutions to meet them. 

While modest cleaning may be accomplished by just connecting a nozzle to a garden hose to create a pressure cleaner effect, more heavy-duty cleaning may necessitate the purchase of a complete pressure washer. 

Alternatively, with a few tools and gadgets, you may make your own pressure washer. 

can an air compressor become a pressure washer

Can an air compressor become a pressure washer? There are a few factors to consider here, including the type of pressure washer you want to build, the power source, and the pressure water output you want to accomplish, as well as the length and scope of your cleaning job.

This article will tell you all you need to know about an air compressor and the possibility of turning an air compressor into a pressure washer.

What Is An Air Compressor?

Air compressors are essential parts of every business or workshop. In recent years, they’ve shrunk in size and mass, making them more adaptable to various work environments. In addition, these are portable devices that provide power to single air tools.

The significant benefit of air compressors is that they are far more potent than standard tools and do not require large motors. A variety of tools may be driven by a single-engine that leverages air pressure for optimum potential. The only essential maintenance they require is a tiny bit of oiling.

Best air compressor for your home garage

Their flexibility doesn’t end with drills and sanders on the workbench; they can be used for everything from inflating a tire (like the ones at the gas station) to unclogging the sink at home.

Human inventiveness is on display with air compressors. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend how they function to select the best air compressor for your job.

How Do Air Compressors Work?

So, how does an air compressor obtain its supply of air? It consists of two components for those who utilize pistons: increasing the pressure and decreasing air. Reciprocating piston technology is used in the majority of air compressors.

To lower the volume of the air, the compressor pulls it in and generates a vacuum. The air is pushed out of the chamber and into the storage tank by the vacuum. The compressor shuts down after the storage tank reaches its maximum air pressure. 

The duty cycle is the term for this procedure. When the pressure falls below a certain level, the compressor will come back on.

Storage tanks aren’t required for air compressors, and some of the smaller models skip them in favor of mobility.

Check out this video if you want to directly watch how an air compressor works:

Can An Air Compressor Become A Pressure Washer?

Simply saying, the answer is no. A garden hose cannot operate at the same pressures necessary or regarded as standard for a pressure washer. 

Yet, you might be able to buy a special adapter that claims to make a pressure washer gun work with an air compressor & garden hose. Their trick is narrowing the jet stream and making it more forceful.

I’m sure you’ve tried the method of covering a section of the garden hose opening with your thumb to produce a water jet; this works similarly. These attachments, however, may not be much better than the “jet” setting included in the garden hose’s features.

best garden hose

Your garden hose is unlikely to be capable of exceeding 100 PSI. Therefore if you need higher pressures, I recommend purchasing a pressure washer.

When Can I Replace A Pressure Washer With An Air Compressor? 

Before you go out and buy the accessories to create a pressure washer gun that works with an air compressor & garden hose, think about what you’ll be able to do.

You won’t get the same results as a pressure washer, and you won’t have as many options. Your air compressor may be a maintenance pressure washer; it won’t be able to clean filthy tasks thoroughly, yet it can remove some dirt, especially when it’s brand new.

A pressure washer is recommended if you want to repair something completely. Still, an air compressor as a pressure washer might work if you’re just cleaning the top of things and avoiding ruining them.

How to Use a Pressure Washer Attachment With An Air Compressor (Ultimate guide). 

To conclude, you can’t use an air compressor as a pressure washer. The only best thing you can do is increase the power of an existing pressure washer by attaching an air compressor to it. Any hardware shop will sell you a pressure washer attachment for the air compressor.

We’ll show you how to make a pressure washer attachment for an air compressor in the stages below.

  • Start The Air Compressor

The first step is to switch on the air compressor and let the pressure inside build up. Then, you only need to look at the gauge to keep track of the pressure. The PSI level will be displayed on the gauge. At the absolute least, you should achieve a PSI of 30.

  • Connect The Garden Hose (the water supply)

The next step is to simply attach the water source to one end of the garden hose. The source maybe your garage or yard faucet. Just ensure sure the garden hose’s end is securely connected to the water supply.

  • Attach The Pressure Washer Attachment To The Pressure Washers

Connect the other end of the garden hose to the pressure washer attachment, which will provide you with air pressure. Your pressure washer hose gun is now connected to the waterline.

  • Tightly Fasten It

Connect the air hose to the airline connection using the air hose from the air compressor attachment. Make sure it gathers to the air hose’s end. When it’s fully inserted, you should hear a sound.

  • Turn On The Faucet To See If It Works

After that, test the strength of the faucet by turning it on. If it’s stronger than usual, it’s a good sign that it’s working. If not, check each attachment one by one to ensure that all pieces are securely attached.

  • Clean Your Home

Last but not least, simply point the cannon towards the area you wish to clean and clean away!


Can an air compressor become a pressure washer? If you’re thinking of changing your air compressor/garden hose into a pressure washer, keep in mind that you won’t get the same results. This does not mean it is worthless; on the contrary, it may be useful for pressure washing upkeep. 

If you want to chip off pieces of dirt, for example, on your child’s bicycle but don’t want to damage the cool stickers on it, you should probably use an air compressor as a pressure washer since it will surely assist you.

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