Can I Use Hot Water In My Pressure Washer?

Those who have large spaces that they want to clean regularly may consider purchasing a water pressure washer.

After all, using a pressure washer makes cleaning more straightforward and faster. “However, which pressure washer should I purchase?” “What is the difference between a cold and a hot washer? Can I use hot water in my pressure washer?”

These are some of the common inquiries made by first-time buyers.

Can I Use Hot Water In My Pressure Washer

It’s crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using hot water in your pressure washer.

People frequently wonder whether they can use hot water with their pressure washers, so we’ll address their concerns in this article.

Differences Between Hot And Cold Water Pressure Washer

The cost of a pressure washer can be pretty high. This is why customers take the time to investigate which washers would best fit their requirements.

Pressure washers are classified in a variety of ways. They can be powered by gas or electricity and used for commercial or domestic purposes. Hot and cold water pressure washers are two types of pressure washers.

One must pick between a cold and a hot water pressure washer when purchasing one. What exactly is the difference between the two?

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Differences Between Hot And Cold Pressure Washer

Even though cold water pressure washers are more common than hot water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers have a position in the market. Hot water pressure washers are popular among professionals because their hot water makes them more effective at removing grease and oil.

A heating element is included in the system of hot water pressure washers, besides the pump. This heating element warms the water in the washer to the temperature required to dissolve grease and cut through various oils.

The cleaning power of hot water pressure washers is incomparable. They have the same pressured course as cold water systems due to their water pump.

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning and commercial applications. This tool’s combination of hot water and pressured force makes it ideal for dislodging debris and dissolving any grease, oil, or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface.

If you want to clean up softer surfaces or materials prone to melting, you might not want to use a hot water pressure washer. Also, if you don’t plan on cleaning surfaces with a lot of oil, you might want to skip this option.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hot-water pressure washers

Pressure washers that use cold water are great for removing dirt and grime off surfaces. With a cold-water pressure washer in hand, you can clean everything from concrete driveways to metal automobiles.

Cold pressure washers rely on the water pressure created by the machine to break up any debris on a surface. Still, hot-water pressure washers draw most of their improved cleaning capabilities from the hot water itself. To wash surfaces more efficiently, add detergent to the mix.

If you need to clean surfaces that have been covered in filth and muck, a cold-water wash is ideal for removing the grime. Cold-water pressure washing can remove dirt without the additional cost of hot-water pressure washing.

Furthermore, cold water is preferable for materials such as wood or plastics, which may distort if exposed to high temperatures. As a result, one of the best methods to power wash decks, siding, and even vehicles and boats is with cold water.

A cold-water pressure washer’s only flaw is that it can’t remove oil and grease as well as a hot-water one.

Can I Use Hot Water In My Pressure Washer?

You may only use your pressure washer with hot water if it is rated for it. You’ll have issues if you try to do it with a cold water pressure washer. It’s highly conceivable that you’ll break the pressure washer, and you’ll surely not get the results you want. There’s a reason why there are several types of pressure washers for cold and hot water.

By putting hot water through perfect cold water pressure washers, some individuals have damaged them. These units won’t have their pumps. Therefore they won’t be able to heat water to the required temperature. However, a hot water source may be used to pump hot water through them. When you do this, you risk damaging your pressure washer and replacing it with a new one.

If your cold water pressure washer has a chance to output hot water, don’t do it. You won’t be able to remove oil and grease stains with it effectively. It just will not perform as well as a genuine hot water pressure washer. You’ll be wasting money for no purpose, and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t wasted your time.

Can I Use Warm Water In My Pressure Washer?

Can I Use Warm Water In My Pressure Washer

Most pressure washers are warm water pressure washers. Some individuals may prefer this method since it is gentler on paint, glass, and other surfaces that need to be cleaned.

The water temperature will be determined by the type of machine you have and the maximum temperature your water heater can reach.

You may use water with a temperature of up to 160 degrees if you use an electric pressure washer. However, your hot water temperature will vary depending on how far away from the surface you spray with a gas pressure washer.

Here are a few facts you should remember:

  • At up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the hot water pressure washer must have adequate power to drive the pump and changeover valves.
  • If the temperature is less than 130°F, you can use warm or cold water with your pressure washer. You’ll get the same excellent clean without putting your machine in danger.
  • Hot water pressure washers are made for more challenging work, but they may also be used on softer surfaces. Because it doesn’t have enough force in colder temperatures, cold water is ideal for fragile surfaces like vinyl siding and stone or brick pavers.

Check out this video to know more common mistakes when using pressure washers: 

When Is a Hot Water Pressure Washer Suitable?

While most activities, particularly domestic tasks, are best suited to a cold-water pressure washer, other projects may benefit significantly from a hot-water pressure washer. Here are a few examples of these projects:

  • Automobile: To completely clean oil from engines and other automotive parts, hot water may be required. While a home hobbyist can get by with only renting a hot water pressure washer, trucking firms and other businesses that employ heavy equipment are more likely to buy one.
  • Waste management: Cleaning dumpsters without a hot water pressure washer regularly would be inconvenient. If you only need to clean it once, though, a cold-water pressure washer would work.
  • Foodservice: If you run a small food service business, rules may require you to clean your equipment with a hot water pressure washer.
  • Construction: A hot water pressure washer is frequently used to clean heavy machinery.
  • Manufacturing: Producing goods may be a messy process. Manufacturers frequently invest in industrial-grade pressure washers that clean their premises with hot water.


Can I use hot water in my pressure washer? Yes, as long as you’re using a pressure washer with hot water. These have been mainly developed to function with hot water and will be able to complete the task successfully. This isn’t going to be doable with a standard cold water pressure washer, so figure out if you genuinely need hot water for the task and then get the suitable pressure washer.

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