Pressure Washer Leaking Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Pressure washers have quickly become commonplace in many of our houses. If you own a pressure washer, you’re already aware of some of the problems that might arise and how to solve them. Do you, however, know what to do with a pressure washer pump leaking oil?

Pressure Washer Leaking Oil

Pressure washer leaking oil is a straightforward problem that does not need the assistance of a specialist. Why pay someone to fix things for you if you can do it yourself? All you require is a little assistance.

We’ve put up a custom-made repair manual that should come in helpful with pressure washer leaking oil.

What Causes Pressure Washer Leaking Oil?

There are two oil seals in a pressure washer: one on the front and the other on the back. After a lengthy period of use, these oil seals become worn down and can no longer contain the internal oil pressure. It may escape due to this reason.

When the filter components are not appropriately tightened after maintenance, they might leak oil in some situations. To avoid this problem, you must tighten the diesel filter and the machine filter.

Oil may spill from your machine depending on the weather. For example, too much heat or cold causes the openings and components to expand or contract, resulting in oil leaks. When oil and water are kept apart from each other, oil might leak due to humidity.

If there’s milky oil coming out of the leak, the seal on the inside may have failed. However, if the oil leak occurs in the seam, a seal on the exterior has been broken.

The most common cause of broken seals in pressure washers is inadequate maintenance. They are a scenario that can easily be avoided and should not be a source of concern for you. They will seldom occur if you keep your device in good operating order.

Is Pressure Washer Leaking Oil A Serious Issue?

Any issue that prevents you from doing your job can be considered severe.

Taking your machine to a technician will usually cure the oil leakage problem. However, if you simply need to replace the oil seal and have the necessary tools, you may repair it yourself. These don’t indicate that your issue is significant.

When you have to replace the pump, it might be a severe problem for the broken parts. You can determine the severity of your problem based on the state of your equipment, although oil leakage is not a significant concern in most cases.

What To Do If  Pressure Washer Pump Is Leaking Oil? How To Repair Leaking Pump?

A pressure washer leaking oil is not difficult to repair. You can use the items listed below to fix a leaky pressure washer pump, after which you can quickly refill it with the proper oil.

Purchase an Oil Seal Kit For Pressure Washer

Purchase an Oil Seal Kit

The first step is to obtain an oil seal kit compatible with the damaged kit. The type of pressure washer pump determines the type of leaking pump. Next, replace the water seal kit as well. Some of the oil seals are constructed of rubber, making them simple to remove and replace.

Replace Any Worn Or Broken Seals To Fix This Issue

Worn or broken seals, as well as washer pumps, are typical concerns. Different seals may be found throughout a pressure washer. At any point, any of the seals might break or get worn out, resulting in a power washer leaking oil. 

Broken seals may also cause the pressure washer to leak water from the pump. The most common cause of broken seals is improper pressure washer maintenance. 

Seals grow and compress as well, which is dependent on the temperature. When the temperature grows hotter, the seal contracts and expands due to the excessive humidity, resulting in leakage.

Watch this video if you don’t know how to replace seals:

Check The Seal Regularly

Proper and timely maintenance of the pressure washer pump is needed to minimize oil leaks or total pump damage. 

It is possible to maintain a pressure washer on your own, but some manufacturers ensure that their customers cannot do so. In such circumstances, you should contact a regular mechanic.

Use The Right Seal To Avoid Leaking

If you want your pressure washer to last longer, make sure you’re using the proper seal. If you utilize the improper seal for the pressure washer pump, it might cause leaking and damage if not fixed promptly.

How Can You Avoid A Pressure Washer Leaking Oil?

Wear and tear on machine parts is unavoidable. However, if you maintain them well, you will positively prolong their life. In this case, you should inspect your seals twice or three times a year to ensure that they are in good working order.

Avoid Extreme Situations

  • Temperature extremes: Assume your pressure washer has been exposed to extreme temperature circumstances, such as extremely hot or cold temperatures, for an extended period. In that situation, rubber components such as gaskets or oil seals may break prematurely.
  • Thermal expansion: As the temperature rises, the seals expand, resulting in a loss of fit and leakage eventually.
  • Don’t expose: You should never expose your pressure washer to the outside if the weather is terrible.

How Can You Avoid A Pressure Washer Leaking Oil

Use Non-detergent Lube

  • Use lubrication: As previously stated, lubricant oil is used by pressure washer pumps to prevent mechanical wear.
  • Use excellent oil: Non-detergent oil is suggested since detergent oils draw dirt from the pump walls and, without an oil filter, dirt can ultimately build up inside the pump.


Pressure washer leaking oil can be caused by a variety of factors that we often overlook. For example, it might happen due to a lack of adequate care or if the gadget is struck with something. Oil or water leakage is also caused by the age of your equipment, as the holes and seals wear out over time.

Weather conditions, such as heat and humidity, might cause the machine’s components to expand or contract. Whatever the reason, you must check your pressure washer for any oil or water leaks and repair them so that your job is not hampered.

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