Can You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer?

You’ve just received your brand-new pressure washer, and you’re looking for your first victim. You’ve bought a new power washer, and it’s time to crank up the PSI to the maximum so you can get rid of all that filth, right?

Not really, because pressure washing isn’t always the best option, as there are several issues that you could encounter while blasting your items with highly pressurized water.

If you aren’t careful, even non-commercial pressure washers may take the finish off a hardwood deck or remove the paint from your automobile if you aren’t careful with the amount of pressure you apply.

You should use the soft wash technique to clean around the house, but the question is can you soft wash with a pressure washer? Learn more!

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is performed using a pump that has low pressure and a combination of cleaning agents like soap, algaecide, and fungicidal wash. The chemicals loosen the filth, which is then rinsed away with super-heated water, similar to pressure washing. 

Soft washing utilizes less water than pressure washing, which is healthier for the environment and reduces the risk of excess water runoff killing your lawn or garden plants.

Typically, pressure washing entails blasting a PSI of 3,000 or more at automobiles, driveways, and walls. It’s a lot, to be sure. 

The major point of soft wash is that blasting high PSI at various materials or products may easily harm your property, whether it’s your vehicle mirror, vinyl siding, soft concrete, glass, or everything in between. Because it’s under tremendous pressure, the force might cause harm, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Check out this technique here:

The Pros And Cons Of Soft Washing

Soft cleaning is ideal if sensitive surfaces require thorough cleaning. The benefits and drawbacks of soft washing are as follows:


  • There are fewer chances of cracking or breaking windows, as well as damage to siding and roofing shingles when there is less pressure.
  • Chemicals that are gentler and more environmentally friendly may be used more easily in soft washing machines.
  • Water consumption is lower than that of more powerful pressure washers.


  • Dirt and debris may be difficult to remove from cracks and hard-to-reach areas due to the lower pressure (I.E. In Concrete, Driveways, Etc.).
  • Due to insufficient water pressure, mold and mildew may not be completely removed and need more frequent washing.

When Should You Use Soft Washing?

When Should You Use Soft Washing

Soft washing, as you may know, uses pressured water, but the pressure is very low, generally no more than that of a regular garden hose with a spray tip attached. 

Some people may be unsure whether to use soft washing or high-pressure washing in certain scenarios. Don’t worry if you fall into this group. We’ve compiled a list of scenarios that you might find useful. 

Soft washing can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Old, mushy bricks
  • Over time, old windows have become extremely fragile and weak.
  • Cracked or deteriorated concrete
  • Paint or other coverings that are damaged or chipped
  • Patios and decks with stained glass or painted surfaces
  • Any surface that has rusted or corroded
  • Roofs that are ancient and have shingles that are loose
  • Softwoods, or any ancient wood that has absorbed sufficient moisture and becomes soft over time

Soft washing is also excellent for light-duty equipment and machines, particularly for equipment with exposed parts that might break loose during a high-pressure wash. Lawnmowers, weed trimmers, saws, snowblowers, and other similar items are examples of this sort of equipment.

Can You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer?

Can You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer

The good news is that most pressure washers can handle gentle power cleaning, but there are a few crucial traits to look for:

First and foremost, you must be able to reduce or manually adjust the pressure to the right amount. This is often easier said than done, depending on the brand and type of your pressure washer.

Second, while some power washers allow you to regulate the PSI as needed, this isn’t always as low as you’d want for soft cleaning. Even pressure washers with adjustable PSI won’t go low enough for gentle cleaning.

Third, if your pressure washer doesn’t have PSI settings in the appropriate soft-washing range, you may need a specialist spray gun and bespoke tips to get the job done.

Finally, pressure washers must include or be compatible with a detergent tank. Without detergent, soft-washing isn’t quite soft-washing.

Tips For Soft Washing With A Pressure Washer

If you’re going to soft wash with your pressure washer, save yourself some time and effort by following these tips and methods!

Don’t Make Any Adjustments To The Unloader

Don't Make Any Adjustments To The Unloader

Many folks will incorrectly recommend that you modify the pressure of your pressure washer by adjusting the unloader. Unless the manufacturer recommends it, this is lousy advice.

The unloader’s principal function is to return the flow of water back to the pump, preventing it from accumulating. It serves an important safety function in your pressure washer, and you don’t want to fool with it and end up destroying it, or worse, injuring yourself and others.

Follow The Directions And Use A Good Detergent

Follow The Directions And Use A Good Detergent

Because gentle washing does not rely on pressured water to remove filth and grime, you should use a decent detergent that is designed for the task at hand. Follow the detergent’s instructions, which will usually include a time limit for allowing the soap to rest on the surface.

Allow the detergent to accomplish part of the work that your high-pressured water would ordinarily do.

Soft Wash Detergents Shouldn’t Be Used in a Pressure Washer


Detergents designed for use with soft wash pumps may not be suitable for use with your pressure washer. They frequently include strong chemicals like bleach, which might harm your pressure washer’s pump if ran through it. It will be less likely to cause harm if you have a downstream injector, but it is still possible.

You may use a sprayer or a long-handled scrub brush to apply these detergents individually, then rinse with moderate pressure.

Alternatively, you may simply use a regular pressure washer detergent.

Use A Ladder


Some individuals feel that because they’re gently washing their siding, they don’t have to bother about the angle from which they spray it, but this isn’t the case. 

If you’re pressure washing or gentle washing your siding, make sure to spray it from a downward or straight-on angle to keep water from getting behind it and harming your house.

Siding is supposed to keep your house dry when it rains or snows, but because rain falls downward, siding isn’t as effective at preventing water from shooting up from beneath. Will doing it a couple of times harm your house? It’s unlikely, but that doesn’t imply it’s a bad idea.


Can you soft wash with a pressure washer? If you’re a professional pressure washer, a soft wash pump is a good investment since you’ll be able to utilize the strong soft wash detergents with it and save your time. However, you don’t need an additional piece of equipment to maintain if you’re a typical homeowner with regular mild washing demands. A pressure washer will enough for the job.

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